Monday, 17 March 2014

Hi, my name is Pat Stewart.  This website exists firstly as a platform for poetry and ideas for change in any aspect of life. I also offer training programmes and workshops to help parents, youth and communities to use spoken word poetry to break down barriers and empower people. I would be glad if this site helps or encourages anyone who arrives here, and don't hesitate to get in contact.

Professional background
I have nearly 30 years experience of working on a personal level for successful outcomes with the public – both adults and young people from the most disadvantaged backgrounds in post sixteen education, community sustainability and the criminal justice system.

From teaching and training in one of Britain’s first IteCs  (Information Technology Centres) for around nine years, through to running mentoring provision for 26 Job Centres, to setting up my own Mentoring company for the Probation Service (mentoring at Probation centres and in Britain’s prisons) to  finally setting up and running a very successful youth ‘crime and disorder’ project in Manchester, which won national acclaim and was praised in the House of Commons.  This work led me to working directly with Parents, running ‘Parenting’ Training in Manchester.

My main skill is persuading people they can change their lives by showing them how.

I also write and use both written and Spoken Word poetry as a platform of exploration and a tool for change which breaks down barriers and leads to greater understanding and cohesion in communities.

Encouraging adults and young people to write is an extremely powerful way for them to explore feelings, recognise problems and look for solutions that work and the use of poetry was a particularly powerful aid in the ‘Parenting’ training sessions.

Have your say.  Get it off your chest.  Share it with others. Be amazed at how many people feel the same way.  Empower yourself.  Empower others.